7 MoM tips to take care of your sportswear
June 26, 2023

7 MoM tips to take care of your sportswear


Most people don´t know that sportswear garments require a special caring in comparison to other kinds of clothes.

This is because we want our technical clothing to keep its characteristics intact on the long term, as they are they key to keep having enjoyable and effective training sessions.

In order to guarantee that our sportswear is being properly taken care of and that its capabilities remain intact, we have gathered a list of 7 tips that will help you extend your garment´s lifespan.

How to wash and take care of your sportswear

Hang up and air out your sportswear as soon as you finish training

You should always avoid stuffing your sportswear in your backpack or leaving it laying on a chair until it´s time to wash it. Doing this can cause mold and mildew to appear, which can lead to extremely nasty odors.

If you hang them up (preferably outside) you will be avoiding this, making your garments significantly easier to wash.

Pay attention to the garments that your sportswear shares the washing machine with

As sportswear tends to be made out of a special kind of fabric, you should always try to wash your athletic garments on the same load of laundry.

You should also avoid mixing them with any piece of clothing that has zippers or buttons, as they can damage the fabric during the washing process.

Always turn your garments inside out

The sweat, odors and possible mold will always be mostly condensed in the inner part of your sportswear, as it is the one directly in touch with the surfaces of your body.

By turning your garments inside out you will be easing the washing process, making sure that every unwanted element goes away for good.

In addition to this, you will also be protecting the exterior of your garments, which tends to be more sensible than the inside.

Try soaking your sportswear in vinegar before washing

If you can´t make the bad odors go away, you can always try with vinegar. By submerging your sportswear in a vinegar solution (1 part of vinegar and four parts of water) for around 20 or 30 minutes, all of the odors and strong stains will easily wash away afterwards, you just have to proceed with your regular washing process.

Use special sportswear detergent

Not only you should use detergent specially designed for washing sportswear, but you should also avoid excessive amounts of it, as it can result in an accumulation of fungi and bacteria on the fabric.

Use cold water on every single washing cycle

Synthetic materials are easily damaged by high temperatures, so your washing cycles should always use the coldest possible water temperature.

The problem with this is that cold water is not as good as hot one when it comes to eliminating bacteria, which makes it even more important to wash your sportswear as soon as you finish wearing them.

Air-dry it outside

Avoid drying machines and iron at all costs, as you will be risking to deform your sportswear and because air-drying them ends up being a way faster method, thanks to the materials that these garments are made of.

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