technical clothing
April 11, 2023

What is 'technical clothing' in sportswear?

technical clothing

The term “technical clothing” is becoming more and more popular when it comes to sportswear, but not many people know what it really means.

Unlike regular clothes, those made with these techniques are focused on increasing the capabilities of the garments, pushing them to their limits and giving a wide variety of benefits to their wearers.

By a deep understanding of fibers, finishes, technology and engineering, technical clothing (and specially sportswear) can keep the esthetics of a nice garment while making life easier for athletes.

In MoM we apply technical clothing procedures to all of our sportswear, and we do this while keeping affordable prices. This is why hundreds of clients choose us day after day.

Benefits of technical clothing in sportswear

  • When it comes to sports, it is important to wear clothes that provide a good breathability level for the skin. Technical clothing has this covered, as the sportswear that applies these techniques are ably to avoid excessive sweating, as well as fungi, bacteria and rashes.
  • As an extra, this is great for avoiding excessive odors.
  • Technical clothing is really good at thermoregulating the body, which is very useful for training outside on hot days.
  • Sportswear must be able to dry quickly, and this can be achieved with these technologies.
  • These garments provide the highest standards of flexibility, lightness and resistance.
  • As taking care of the skin is crucial when working out, some of our sportswear garments are designed to protect the wearers against UV rays.

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