April 25, 2023

Sportswear: How and when to use light fabrics?


MoM´s sportswear has the most diverse designs and sizes, but, above all, there are different densities for it.

Depending on the type of training you are going to do, as well as the climate of the place and other factors, you should choose lighter or heavier clothing.

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When should I use light sportswear?

Lightweight sportswear is ideal for exercising in hot climates, and also for those who sweat a lot when training.

Light clothing a allows good perspiration of the skin and facilitates thermoregulation in a natural way. This, when training, is extremely important, as it will prevent you from overheating or being sticky throughout the session.

Training should be something that gives you satisfaction, and for that it is always important to have the optimal sportswear for the occasion.

When should I not train with clothes made out of light fabrics?

If sportswear made with light fabrics is ideal for hot climates and pleasant terrains, this would be the opposite case.

Light clothing would be extremely counterproductive in cold climates, as it would let the low temperatures pass through and directly hit the skin, which can bring from flus (favored by the sweating involved in exercising) to other more serious health problems.

Likewise, for sports such as climbing or rugby, the garments should be thick and resistant, capable of protecting the skin and preventing anything from passing through it.

One drawback of lightweight clothing is that, in most cases, it is not waterproof. That is why, for high-risk sports or sports that require constant exposure to hostile terrain, it is extremely important to opt for more appropriate garments.

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