April 17, 2023

MoM: Fabrics to look amazing in your workout clothes


Workout clothes were once reserved for sport or physical exercise only. However, at MoM we believe that sportswear can also be worn on day to day activities

Our sportswear is designed to be as equally functional as stylish so that you can feel and look great during your gym sesh or at home.

Therefore, we know that the actual fabric used for our sportswear is extremely important. And that is why our latest technologies are used in technical textiles to produce the best fabrics. 

How to chose the best workout clothes for you

When investing in the right workout clothes, there are many factors to consider.

First and foremost, you need to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes at the same time. This is because when you are comfortable during the activity you do, you have the confidence to perform to the highest potential and be successful.

The fabrics that we use at MoM have been carefully crafted with special features like moisture management, flexibility, UV protection and breathability to guarantee comfort and extra functionality.

Breathable fabrics are essential when it comes to keeping you cool. High breathability allows moisture transfer through the material itself to avoid any discomfort that could come from the moisture vapor being trapped between the fabric and your skin. 

Allowing your skin to breathe in order to feel fresh and at ease gives you the biggest advantage throughout your whole workout. However, it is important to note that feel and fit are also important when it comes to workout clothes.

How tight or how loose a fabric fits your body type determines comfort level. You will have your own preference and that is why we offer a range of fits to choose from so that you can listen to your body and engage in movement without irritation.

Our fabrics come in different colors and prints to fulfill your needs to look aesthetically appealing while being able to move freely every day, no matter what form of activity you do. 

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