sport bras
April 13, 2023

MoM: Types of Sport Bras

sport bras

The five models of sport bras that we sell in MoM are ideal for all kinds of bodies and routines. Our goal is that everyone can feel comfortable while training, and for these bras to be the perfect complement for long exercise sessions. 

In this article we will review the five types of sport bras that we offer, highlighting their main features and multiple benefits.

If you would like to buy any of them, you can do it through our website or by visiting any of our stores.

Everyday we are chosen by hundreds of clients, not only by the quality of our service, but also for our wide variety of colors, finishes and designs.

Besides from that, all of our products are not only affordable but made out of excellent materials, so it is no surprise that, once someone tries our garments, they want to come back and buy more.

Our sport bras:

  • Florida sports bra: If you like to give everything in all of your activities, our Florida sport bras are perfect for you. The opening in the back of the bra provides a sensation of freedom, while still having a great coverage. It is equipped with ACTIVEFIT technology to keep you dry while you train.
  • Dallas sports bra: Our Dallas sport bras are designed to provide ventilation both in the front and in the back. Air will flow constantly between your skin and the garment, avoiding moistures and bad odors. Its high impact technology will react to your movements as you train, combining both comfort and support as it shapes your figure perfectly.
  • Ballester sports bra: Sport bras must be designed in order to prevent muscle vibration, wrapping your body like a second skin. Well, that is exactly what the Ballester is able to do: combining these attributes with high impact technology, you will be able to use them for any kind of training, as well as for any other daily activity. This sport bra also comes with the previously mentioned ACTIVEFIT technology.
  • Karma sports bra: Made out of elastic hemline and stretchy fabric, this sport bras have soft and removable pads exclusively deigned to protect your chest muscles. This bra is great for yoga, aerobics and acrobatics, as it prevents skin rubbing and rashes.
  • Harbin sports bra: Focused in style and comfort, this bra is great for all sorts of sporty activities.

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