April 03, 2023

Men's guide: How to wear sneakers with style


Sneakers are an important part of any outfit, and they can be a mirror of their owner´s style and personality.

This is why you should pay attention to what you wear on your feet, and learn how to combine and wear them properly.

In MoM we offer a wide range of designs and colors, so that everyone can find a model of sneakers that suits them.

Taking inspiration on our own solar system, our products are ideal for every kind of situation, either you like to train outside or inside, if you just happen to have an active lifestyle or simply if you enjoy walking.

We will now give you a few tips in order to combine your sneakers, making up original and unique looks full of style.

MoM tips: Get the best out of your sneakers

  • The most important thing is to be comfortable: If your feet hurt or even if you are not sure of the colors, you should probably change them or, at least, rethink your outfit. Being comfortable in your clothes is crucial, as you are the one who has to enjoy them first.
  • Select one of your outfit´s color, then match your sneakers with it: For example, if you are wearing a green hoodie and a red cap, you should wear a pair of shoes that matches only one of those two. Your whole outfit should not have more than three colors in total.
  • Don´t wear sneakers that are the same color as your pants or leggings: By avoiding this, you can create a cool contrast, as long as you respect the three colors rule.
  • Save them for a more sporty or casual look: Never use them at formal events, as they will be extremely out of tune.

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