technical sportswear
April 21, 2023

What is the difference between technical sportswear and regular sportswear?

technical sportswear

Technical sportswear comprises high performance textile technologies that have been invented for sport and also to provide comfort.

The pandemic and the subsequent at-home fitness activities catalyzed the sports textiles category. 

Lockdown measures during the pandemic put back the concern on the importance of health and fitness. A lifestyle shift requires flexible, high performance garments that are fit for all purposes from the gym to daily routine tasks from home. 

The demand for technical sportswear is increasing and regular sportswear is becoming a thing of the past. 

This is why at MoM our garments have high performance textile technologies: because we recognise the regular sportswear does not satisfy your broadened appetite for fitness. 

MoM technologies:

  • Thanks to our quick drying technology, all of our technical sportswear garments will keep you dry during your training sessions, even in the hottest of summers.
  • Made out of high quality materials, our sportswear will provide flexibility and lightness to allow for freedom of motion.
  • Our sportswear has UV protection, which is essential for outdoor practices.
  • Due to the antiperspirant treatment that the fabric has, our sportswear will cover you during intense physical activity.

So, what is the difference between technical sportswear and regular sportswear? 

The differences are what technical sportswear allows you to do and regular sportswear does not. Regular sportswear is not sufficiently able to provide all the coverage that our technologies give you. 

In other words, technical sportswear will allow you to give the best out of yourself when it comes to training and other physical activities, pushing you forward instead of backwards.

Comfort is crucial, and regular clothes are way behind when it comes to it. This is why technical clothes are becoming more and more popular.

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