sportswear with high breathability
April 19, 2023

Why is it essential to choose sportswear with high breathability?

sportswear with high breathability

When working out, having sportswear with high breathability can completely make a difference when it comes to performance and experience.

When speaking about breathability we are referring to the ability of a fabric to actively allow moisture vapor to be transported through the material itself. 

Breathable fabrics therefore come into play the most once you start to work up a sweat

Bearing this mind, we are now going to highlight the benefits of sportswear specifically designed to wick sweat away from the body.

How does sportswear with high breathability work?

The design that you can find in our garments aims to regulate the continuous cycle of heat generated by metabolism and activity and maximize wearer comfort.

At MoM we are cheering you on during your workout because we recognise that there is a direct correlation between comfort and optimized performance

Our sportswear with high breathability has been developed especially for more rigorous physical activity when you typically work up a sweat.

Thanks to our breathable designs you avoid getting hypothermia or simply overheating during this intense exercise because as sweat evaporates your body cools down. 

The development of our high-quality breathable design extends to the protection from harsh weather conditions during these situations of heavy sweating. 

Not only would fabrics with low or no breathability not allow you to stay cool but all that increased moisture would cling to your skin and cause discomfort. Choose our sportswear with high breathability instead, and in turn, you are choosing complete comfort.

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